What is TTMAS?

Total Taekwondo Martial Art School started its first classes in June 2000 under the instruction of Mr David Cliffe, at the time a 1st Degree Blackbelt with Action International Martial Arts Association. Based at Kirkheaton in Huddersfield the class soon grow in size before other classes started at Newsome then Marsh before moving to the Nirvana Fitness & Martial Arts Academy, in Huddersfield Town Center

TTMAS has combined the traditional aspects of the Korean Martial Arts with a modern attitude to training and self defence. Incorporating a Multi-Mixed Martial Art programme offering the discipline of traditional ITF Taekwondo with Western & Thai Boxing as well as takedown and grappling techniques.

TTMAS also offers a Martial Arts Fitness for beginner and advanced students. The program is designed so that students can learn basic self-defense techniques while gaining cardio vascular endurance and strength techniques in a non contact environment. The class also employs the use of punch bags and pads so that students gain resistance training, learn how it feels to make contact and get life's frustration out in a constructive way.

To this day TTMAS is evolving, as is its instructors and students, to achieve the highest standard possible within the Martial Arts and ones self.

Where is TTMAS located?

TTMAS is a club based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire and is part of the Independent Martial Arts Association. Below you will find maps with the location of where TTMAS classes take place, please feel free to contact us if you need help and assistance in finding the venues.

Nirvana Fitness

United Church, Kirkheaton

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