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This part of the website aims to provide you with information about the classes than train under Total Taekwondo Martial Arts School, information such as style of Taekwondo and elements of fitness class will be provided. If more information is required feel free to contact us!

TTMAS Taekwondo

The style studied at TTMAS is based on the original ITF art.

Tae Kwon-Do is the Korean Art of Self Defence and is the culmination of many styles of Martial Art, but the core techniques and philosophies date back over 2000 years throughout Korea's turbulent history. Taemeans foot, Kwon means hand, and Domeans way of. So Tae Kwon-Do means The Way of Hand and Foot.

This name was invented by the founder of Tae Kwon-Do retired Major General Choi Hong Hi (9th Dan) in 1955. Tae Kwon-Do was developed from the Korean styles, such as Tae Kyon and Soo Bak, but it also has strong influences from Karate and even Western Boxing. Training in TaeKwon-Do will help your physical and mental growth.

Physically you will become fitter & stronger. Mentally you will grow in a variety of ways, even if you aren't aware of it! You just need to look to the Tenants of TaeKwon-Do from the Black Belt Oath.

There are some very talented people who train in Martial Arts, but none of the really good ones shout about it.

When training you are polite and friendly towards each other.

Showing the honesty towards yourself to self-assess your efforts. Being honest to yourself is not easy.

The character needed to persevere and perfect a technique or action you couldn't do before is a rare quality, but not so rare in the Martial Arts.

Not allowing yourself to lose your temper, showing control when sparring and adhering to the discipline side of training show self-control.

Indomitable Spirit:
Overcoming fears of confrontation and pushing yourself further than you thought you could go and not giving up shows you a lot about yourself.

TTMAS Belt System

TTMAS Fitness

Martial Arts and Fitness are generally well thought of as going hand in hand with each other. In todays hectic lifestyle it becomes increasingly more difficult for people to have the time to dedicate their time and effort to follow the teachings and discipline of a martial art. From this bore the fruit of the M.A. Fitness Class, designed for everyone from a beginner with an hour a week free to dedicate to exercise right through to the experienced Martial Artist looking to increase their level of fitness within their chosen field of training.

With an emphasis on circuit training, cardiovascular workout, stretching, resistance and bag work, the MA Fitness class offers a well rounded addition to anyone wishing to increase their fitness levels and/ or distress after a day at work. No formalities means that the class can be as relaxed as you want it to be, but don't think it will be easy!!

Taking Western Boxing, Taekwondo, Kickboxing and MMA techniques into account the class is open to anyone from any style and any school.

With no belt grading to achieve the only thing to concentrate on is punching, kicking and pounding those bags into submission!!

TTMAS Kickboxing

At one end of the spectrum it is a cardiovascular workout using boxing and kicking techniques and at the other end it is a professional full contact ring sport. Kickboxing is many different things to different people and many different schools teach it in different ways with different rules. In essence it is combat techniques that are stripped down to their most functional form primarily with sport in mind.

The sporting environment that kickboxing is practised in is similar to that of a Western boxer in a gym. This means that the formality of more "traditional" styles is relaxed allowing the student free expression to make the techniques work in a way which suits them.

Pad work and sparring are emphasised to ensure that the student can practise their skills in a more realistic way rather than throwing techniques at thin air at imaginary targets. Every club varies in exactly what techniques are taught and practised or allowed.

Many traditional martial artists also study kickboxing as it allows them to train in a sport environment and to test their skills against others in competition.

This syllabus is a guide of what is required for grade tests and outlines some of the key concepts in kickboxing. However, it does not contain the subtle things that can only be taught by regular training by the instructors such as discipline, control and the right attitude to become a good martial artist.

Training in kickboxing will help your physical and mental growth. Physically you will become fitter, stronger and be able to perform physical feats that you didn't think your body was capable of. Mentally you will also grow in a variety of ways, even if you're not aware of it!

The instructors will let you know exactly what you need to know for each grade, all you have to do is train hard and regularly whilst keeping an open mind.

TTMAS Kickboxing Belt System

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