This part of the website is home to some of the questions we are frequently asked, if you have a question for us please consult this F.A.Q first as it may be able to answer your question. If you have read through the F.A.Q and still want to ask us a question please feel free to use the contact form on the contact us page of this website.

How do I choose a school?

A couple of things that are important parts to look at in the process of choosing a school:

(1) The environment where you'll learn and train
(2) The people that will be your partners
(3) The instructor
(4) The logistics of the school

Ask questions- don't worry about looking stupid or asking the "wrong" question. They are going to be teaching and training you- you want to get any concerns or considerations you have out before you commit to anything.

Is there a mix of upper and lower ranks?

This is not always obvious in the styles without belt rankings, etc. It is generally a good sign if advanced, intermediate and beginning students are practicing together. Check the approach the higher ranked students take to you- their help will probably be very important in your advancement in the Art you choose.

Do the senior students seem fit and relaxed?

This will give you a sense of the atmosphere of the school. If the senior students are uptight, nervous, unfit, out of shape, or unhappy, it may be a sign to move on. However, do not be put off by a single occurrence, i.e. because on THAT day the senior student was in a poor mood. It should at least prompt you to look carefully though...

Rankings/Colour belt systems:

Many arts have a ranking system. A typical ranking from beginner to most experienced master is: 10th gup, 9th gup, ..., 2nd gup, 1st gup, 1st dan, 2nd dan, ..., 10th dan. "gup" (or "kup") is Korean for grade. "Dan" ranks will typically wear a black belt. That being said, do not put too much stock in rankings, and put even less in belt color.

Belt colors are HIGHLY dependent on the art, school, and instructor. Some arts don't have any belts. Some have only white and black. Some have white, brown, and black. Some have a rainbow. Some instructors hand out rank/belts like candy, others are very stingy. A given color will frequently signify different ranks in different arts. Rather than rank or belt color, what will determine an individual's skill are how long and how intensely they have studied, the quality of instruction they have received, and (to a lesser extent) their "natural" ability.

What will I need for my first class?

Your first lesson is free of charge, all you will need to attend is loose fitting clothes with secure fastenings. What if I have not done any exercise in a long time?

If the new student hasn't trained in any form of exercise for a long time then before any exercise is undertaken it is strongly advised that a consultant with a doctor be undertaken before training.

Please advise any instructor of any health issues, injuries etc that may have an impact on the training. A good instructor will advise the student in different training methods so as not to impact or hinder.

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