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This part of the website contains images and short bios of the instructors of Total Taekwondo Martial Arts school.

Mr David Cliffe, 4th Degree
TTMAS Head Instructor

Introduced to martial arts at the age of 14 years old under the instruction of Mr Andrew Murray at Crosland Moor Community Center, Huddersfield. In 1997 introduced to Master Phillip Ameris, Technical Director for AIMAA. Master Ameris introduced AIMAA students to the principal of cross training, in particular Taekwondo and Ju-Jitsu and the benefits of knowing not only how to fight standing but also how to fight from the ground.

In 1998 became part of the AIMAA England Team and competed in the Heavy weight division in England, Ireland, Wales and Germany. In 2000 was also part of the AIMAA England Grappling team against Ireland.

Mr Cliffe's Achievements

1998 - AIMAA British Championships 2nd

1998 - AIMAA North of England Championships 3rd

1998 - AIMAA Team Invitational 1st

1999 - West Yorkshire Championships 1st

1999 - AIMAA British Championships 2nd

1999 - AIMAA England v Germany 1st

1999 - ACTS Competition Grappling 2nd

1999 - ACTS Competition Patterns 1st

2000 - AIMAA England v Ireland 2nd

2000 - AIMAA England v Ireland Grappling 2nd

2000 - Gained 1st Degree under Master John Darcy, AIMAA European Technical Director.

2002 - Gained 2nd Degree under Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, AIMAA Founder and President.

2002 AIMAA British Championships Grappling 2nd

2005 - Gained 3rd Degree under AIMAA UK National Grading panel.

2009 - Achieved 4th Degree with Independent Martial Arts Association.

Mr Lee Priest, 3rd Degree
TTMAS Instructor

Lee began his training at the age of 8. Introduced to Taekwondo by his dad he started under the instruction of Mr Andrew Chambers with AIMAA.

Originally he was slightly apprehensive but as he kept training and learning more about Taekwondo his interest soon grew. Lee has been training in the art now for over 10 years Since achieving his Black belt Lee has absorbed knowledge from wherever he can, constantly showing his perseverance, none less than achieving a Gold medal in the senior men's Black Belt point sparring division in Birmingham.

In 2009 Lee achieved his 3rd Degree Blackbelt with TTMAS in front of the IMA grading panel, he still trains and teaches regularly whilst also studying a BSc in Psychology at Huddersfield University.

Lee states that the main reason he has managed to get to where he is today is from the hard work and support from all his instructors, showing the true meanings of Perseverance and an Indomitable Spirit.

Mrs Clare Green, 3rd Degree
TTMAS Instructor

Clare started her martial art training 16 years ago when she began training in kickboxing, which started her interest in martial arts.

Gaining her Brown belt in Kickboxing she craved to learn more and increase her knowledge and skill, this lead her to Karate, in which she also achieved brownbelt. Wanting to increase her experience she started training with different instructors in order to see what other styles had to offer.

This search for knowledge led her to start Taekwondo, under the instruction of Mr Andrew Chambers. As part of AIMAA she trained and went on to achieve her Black Belt. Through hard work, commitment and dedication she went on to win the AIMAA British Championships in both sparring and patterns for four years in a row.

In 2000 she achieved greater success by winning gold at the AIMAA World Championships in Dublin in sparring. Clare was also a member of the AIMAA England Team until 2000 and won all of her fights whilst competing with the team all over the England, Ireland and Wales.

In 2009 Clare achieved her 3rd Degree Blackbelt with TTMAS in front of the IMA grading panel, she still trains regularly and is inspirational to the women at the club proving that martial arts is not just a male dominated area.

Mr Paul Dawson, 2nd Degree
TTMAS Instructor

Paul started training in Taekwondo in 1993 under Mr Andrew Murray having previously trained in Shukokai Karate, achieving the grade of purple belt.

After an introduction to Taekwondo Paul knew it was the fighting style for him, it seemed to suit his character and personality. Under Mr Murrays supervision he went on to achieve many sparring titles, Mr Murray also encouraged him to attend classes with his instructor Mr Kim Stones which he eagerly did.

There has also been numerous local/inter county Championships gaining 1st and 2nd places. As a member of the AIMAA England team from 1997 Paul went on to became the team captain from 1998 - 2000, passing on his knowledge to the other team members and constantly leading them to better themselves, going on to be undefeated in all of his Team fights.

Just a few of Mr Dawson's many achievements are:

1993 English Championships 1st

1993 Scottish Championships 1st

1993 Welsh Championships 1st

1993 Keighly Open TAGB 1st

1994 English Championships 1st

1995 British Championships 1st

1996 British Championships 1st

1997 British Championships 1st

2000 AIMAA World Championships (Dublin) 3rd

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